360 Overhead Photo Booth

Solid construction

Durable and easy to transport

Design ensuring high usability

LED MAGIC lighting system

FREE sets of ready to use overlays

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360 Overhead Photo Booth

by P4F

modern form of the 360 photo booth – the party HIT of the 2024 season awaits you at P4F

Solid construction | Fast assembly | Complete safety | Excellent party effects

For best customer experience possible!

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360 Overhead Photo Booth


HIGH QUALITY Movies with 360 Photo Booth

Make every party even more special with this unique – gate-type 360 Photo Both.

Option so versatile that it will let you succeed at any party, be it wedding, birthday or a gala!

360 Overhead Photo Booth makes:

<<<< VIDEO FILMS with special effects >>>>


High quality Luma Booth software – versatile options, almost endless possibilities – it has it all!


What makes this 360 photo booth so special?

Consider this video booth if you want:

Extra large party space

Plenty of space for excellent fun – the gate-type photo booth provides room for every enthusiast of great entertainment – the whole range of options guaranteed.

Solid construction

Our Overhead Photo Booth boasts a solid construction, ensuring durability and stability throughout whole event. With its robust design, guests can confidently interact and enjoy the experience without worry. Plus, its sturdy build allows for creative and dynamic poses, ensuring memorable videos that capture the essence of the celebration. Get ready for a seamless and enjoyable video-making experience with our reliable Overhead-type Photo Booth!

Easy to transport

The folding and unfolding structure – quickly and efficiently, to ensure the fastest operation at events.

LED MAGIC lighting system

LED MAGIC colorful appeal will bring lots of attention! Get ready for it!

360 overhead photo booth

Elegance | Modernity | Space

The 360 Overhead Photo Booth is the epitome of elegance and modernity. Its refined construction will distinguish your event, adding an exclusive character to it.


360 overhead photo booth

The 360 photo booth set includes:

◼️easy-to-assemble skeleton structure made of powder-coated aluminum profiles, durable and resistant to mechanical damage, covered with fitted elastic material adding elegance and sophistication to the whole design

◼️durable profiled decorative carpet in red color

◼️LED RGB MAGIC generation 2 arm – specifications:

▪️arm made of powder-coated aluminum profiles, with LED RGB MAGIC lighting mounted in protective aluminum profiles with a light diffusing shade

▪️LED RGB MAGIC controller – various modes including color changing, dynamic modes, and music-synced flashing

▪️smooth angle adjustment system for the arm, arm locking with two profiled knobs, wide range of arm height adjustment

▪️durable photographic head for quick lamp mounting and setting any lamp angle

▪️professional illuminating lamp, also serving as an 8000mAh power bank with smooth lighting intensity adjustment from 25% to 100% and light color adjustment within the range of 2500K to 8500K

▪️wiring connecting the power bank, lamp, and smartphone (cables from a renowned company routed within the arm profile for a highly durable and aesthetic solution, additional securing elements to prevent accidental disconnection)

▪️20000mAh power bank with a display indicating the charging level (capability to charge a smartphone and illuminating lamp during event operation)

▪️mounting system for quick power bank replacement and attachment

Completely equipped 360 Photo Booth – ready for any party

FREE ready to use overlay designs

wedding, birthday and many more free ready to use overlay designs

360 Overhead Photo Booth – software features:

Supportive addons that will help you start your new photobooth business

Choose 360 Overhead Photo Booth and gain more attention from prospective customers




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